Do I have a flashing beacon on my head??

So I have been told that I am totally oblivious to any male attention that might come my way. This, I guess, is because when you are in a happy marriage, you just aren’t looking for signs of interest, in any form.

Last Saturday night I worked a shift in my Sister-in-laws pub, behind the bar. It was very busy and I  just went about my work in my usual manor, serving, chatting, cleaning…usual barmaidy type stuff.
The next day my Sis-in-law told me at least two men were chatting me up, the night before, and I had no idea!
I really need to rectify this if I ever want to get back on that saddle and get laid!

Yesterday I was waiting for my son to finish school, and seeing as though it was a beautiful day, I decided to take my lunch to the local park, sit under a tree and think about stuff.
I was literally there five minutes when a man approached me…and hit on me!! What the actual fuck!?
He wasn’t ugly, but he didn’t look like Michael Fassbender either and quite frankly, if he had looked like Michael Fassbender I would have jumped his bones, right there, in the park.
He informed me that he lived in the local area but was from Albania! Alfuckingbania!
He wouldn’t leave me alone….even when I continued to tweet to my Twitter folk, telling them about my Albanian stalker!
He said “you are so pretty, I won’t be able to stop thinking about you all day”
I replied ” well I am sorry about that”!
I think he got the hint then and slunk off with a wounded ego!

I never got this amount of attention when I was married…why now?!
It is like I have a flashing beacon on my head saying “Newly Single, Horny and Desperate”!!


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