I’m Back!

So, it’s been 16 months since I last wrote in this here blog, 19 months since the ex left. 

To be honest, no a lot has changed regarding my working life. Still a number, still unemployed…

My ex is still my ex…

I am still single with no sniff of a man. Well…there’s been a few ‘online’ flirtations, but nothing more. 

My cat died. 

I fell out with one of my brothers and we no longer speak…

Oh and on Wednesday I’m moving to Scotland! 

I will, of course, go into more detail about all these things in due course.

Just wanted to give you a round up. 

Oh….and still no pants 😉


6 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. You’re very brave for sharing, I’m a great believer in writing as a form of therapy. You articulate your emotions and experiences very well indeed. Well done, Angie.

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