Relationships and dating are just too confusing and hard work. 

Don’t think I’ll bother.


7 thoughts on “Relationships…

  1. I hear you. Loud and clear. It’s like the one that I want doesn’t want me and the one that wants me isn’t someone I want. Then you have the h u g e distances produced by connections via social media. What ever happened to walking up to someone in a bar and saying “hello, may I buy you a drink?” Seems that these days the way dating works is through apps, and websites, and it’s of so terribly confusing for a simple boy like me.

    I am supposed to have a date on Sunday but I canceled it because there’s someone else I rather like and – and this is quite unlike anything I have ever said before – I don’t think it’s okay to go on a date with someone when you’re interested in someone else. I want a connection. Something which reaches down my throat and grabs me by the balls and says, “HEY, I’M HERE” but instead I get messages from people asking me if I’m bored of them yet. I hate that kind of self-depreciation, that lack of confidence. It’s such a huge turn off and the reason why Sunday isn’t happening.

    I’m blathering. I hear you. Loud and clear.

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    1. Someone said that to me the other day. Told me to stop holding out hope for a connection on Twitter, to ‘get myself out there, meet people in RL’ I totally understand that, and maybe that will happen for me, who knows.
      I actually agree with you when you say about going on a date whilst liking someone else. Not something I would do either…but people may say you could be missing out on meeting ‘the one’ if you do that.
      I don’t know, having been with only one man my entire life, I just have no clue about dating and relationships, just all so confusing…maybe I’m going about things all wrong…


      1. It’s beyond hard to get back out there after 20 years of a failed marriage in my case. The internet dating sites are only there to take your money. I started performing again. I used to perform back in the day. I try to meet people through my shows designed for whovians and pop culture enabled people. Only people I have met are girls less than half my age and I have no common frame of reference with these “nerd girls”. I have a new rule. Never date anyone when you have clothing older than they are.

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  2. I don’t go out to bars. I spend a lot of time by myself in hotel rooms in my day job (teaching ) and the weekend job performing. In 2017 I am going all around the USA performing. And teaching. I don’t have a plan b. Hopefully this will work. If not I guess failure will be the option. Hopefully things will work out for you.


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