Being a Veggie.

Yes, I am a vegetarian

No, I am not going to stand on a soap box and preach about it. That’s just not me.

Why am I a veggie? Well, simple really, I just can’t detach myself from the fact that the meat on the plate once belonged to a lovely, breathing, alive animal. 

I see it jumping around the field in my head, looking cute and all that jazz. Call me mental, but that is how my brain works.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 years old. I think we did something on food chains at school, watched a few documentaries and that was it. What I had seen could never be unseen…my fragile brain scarred for life.

From that day on I was a pain for my Mum at dinner times, all the rest of my family being complete carnivores,taking down a pig with their bare hands if circumstance required it.

My ex husband too, is a meat eater. I would cook him animals though, using precautions to prepare it, such as gloves – latex, not fluffy wool ones. 

When the kids were born it never entered my head to bring them up as vegetarians, and would never consider it. That, in my opinion, isn’t right or fair on them. That’s taking away their choice. 

As it happens my son will only eat certain meat products, but my daughter could quite happily live in the wild,hunt animals, stripping them down for parts and then making a necklace with their bones.

She wants to be a zoo keeper by the way, so adores animals just as much as me, she just likes eating them too.

So that’s it really, no great story as to why, just prefer my animals still breathing…


2 thoughts on “Being a Veggie.

  1. Another interesting blog Anj,

    Of course I’m a lapsed Veggie – how many have said that? Started ages ago when my daughter came back from her year in Australia a Vegetarian. My wife and son were of the, having to make a special meal just for you argument – so I said let’s make it easy we will split 50/50 and I will go Vegetarian. Lasted about 3 years, now I go frequently go through 1 to 2 months as veggie, latest was Oct/November this year. Other times I’m a very low volume meat eater, mainly fish.

    I do have a guilty conscience because I dislike what I see as cruel and inhumane factory farming. I also dislike any food wastage, so I shop little and often usually from the large Market near where I work.

    I do enjoy cooking especially Asian/Fusion at the moment Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian. Sheffield has is well provided with good places to buy authentic food – I usually talk to the shop assistants and they give good advice and recipes – as a bonus always get a big hug from the lady at the Thai Food Market because I always make favourable comments on her FB page.

    My two main stock easy meals are mixed Roast Vegetables, and Vegetable Soup – usually with Pearl Barley or Lentils to thicken.

    Anyhow good for you an nice level headed non preaching approach is always best.

    If you want to suggest any interesting recipes, I’m always interested.

    Love reading your blog, always something that resonates to true life.



    1. Thanks Mike. I wish I enjoyed cooking as you clearly do!
      Doesn’t do any harm ‘going veggie’ every now and again. But like I said, I would never preach to anyone, everyone has a choice as to what they eat.
      Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

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