I’ve been on and off Twitter since 2009. Think I’m on my fourth account now. First one was closed because I ‘just didn’t get it’ had no idea how it worked, felt like I was talking to fresh air most of the time, so I soon lost interest and closed that account. 

The second one was better….till I managed to get myself a stalker and had to disappear pretty sharpish. He wouldn’t leave me alone, it was constant. He followed people I would follow to see what we were saying, comment on every tweet -even something as mudane as what I was watching on TV. He would favourite tweets to and from people he had no contact with…he just freaked me out, and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I will just add I was married at this time, and in no way encouraged him. 

Third one was my most popular one, managed to get loads of followers, had loads of laughs and fun and all was going brilliantly till I pissed off a Tweeter and the hassle ensued. Had no choice but to close my account for my own sanity.

So, here we are with my fourth account. Managed to keep most of my favourite people, which is a huge bonus. I still see comments from the haters, but I’ve learnt that Twitter is actually a very small place and people you like and follow probably follow people you dislike and would like to avoid – you’ve just got to be adult about it and just get on with it.

I am finally enjoying Twitter again, have learnt many lessons along the way.

One I haven’t learnt is fancying people I shouldn’t. It’s easy for people to say ‘it’s only Twitter’ and ‘it’s not real’ etc etc but that couldn’t be futher from the truth. 

I spend a lot of time talking to different people, from all over the world. I have forged real friendships with some and I look forward to speaking to them, I care about their lives and wellbeing, and hopefully, they feel the same way about me. 

There will always be someone you think ‘ coorr I so chuffing would’ just by their avi! Then you talk to them, and learn they are in actual fact, complete tossers…then, you just follow and talk to someone that you have stuff in common with, and feelings start to creep in, mad I know, but it happens….a lot. I’ve been there, had it happen to me, witnessed it with others…it is what it is. 

So far, I’ve not had much luck, but that’s life I guess, you can’t make someone like, fancy, care or love you, you’ve just got to hope they see something special in you…but that goes for ‘real life’ relationships too.

All in all, Twitter has brought me heartache, stress, pain, friendship, laughter and fun and I wouldn’t be without it.


6 thoughts on “Twitter…

  1. I enjoyed your blog as always. Such an interesting insight and down to earth view on coping in the Twittervesre. Love the phrase ‘ coorr I so chuffing would’ as a reaction to an avi/picture – somehow sums up how my own trigger gets fired. Hope you hang in there and avoid all the nastiness and crap and keep on tweeting and blogging. As an aside I’m here without any game plan or hidden agenda. Sort of an old hippy blowing in the twitter wind, Peace and Love.

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  2. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break or to reinvent oneself. A change is as good as a rest. I must have been through half a dozen accounts and double that name changes. It’s yours though. Your Twitter is yours alone. Change it, follow/unfollow block/mute and do whatever you choose.

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  3. Twitter is definitely a fickle little place. People tell you “it’s your page do and say what you want” then they have a go at you for having an opinion, usually different to theirs and in comes the Bitch Tribe who all watch what’s going on then attack!!!! It’s worse than a playground sometimes but I find it has lots of good points as well….trying to keep your mind on the positives and not go to the negatives is fucking hard! I think we are quite alike x

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    1. Oh yes, there are a few ‘Bitch Tribes’ on Twitter, been on the receiving end of a particualr one for quite a while. I just post and say what I like now, don’t care if people don’t like me anymore. Have an impressive block list but, that’s what it’s for!
      I am enjoying Twitter a lot more now Xx

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