Day Oot..

Yesterday I went to Edinburgh with my best friend and most awesome human on the planet, Elidah my daughter.

She is fixated on the supernatural at the moment. To he fair we are a family of freaks when it comes to things like that, but she has started earlier than the rest of us. 

Here she is, standing on the spot they used to hang folk, in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh. You can see her making her ‘hanging’ face in the photo – she cracks me up!

My ex used to work in a pub down the Grassmarket, so I showed her all the places we used to go to on pub crawls, the stall that sold French crêpes we used to bombard whilst pished…it was nice to reminisce and share that with her.

Our next port of call was Greyfriars Kirkyard…Elidah has been researching this place for weeks! She is convinced (by all the stories, anecdotes and eyewitness accounts) that this place is as haunted as they come. Especially the tomb of one George Mackenzie – Advocate to the king. Apparently old George is now a poltergeist that often chucks things around and generally scares the bejesus out of anyone he doesn’t like the look of. 

We watched for a bit…called his name, did a little dance in front of his impressive tomb, but…nothing. George was quiet and quite frankly a let down. Think Elidah was secretly relieved, I asked her what she would have done if something had happened, she replied simply “crap myself”

After the disappointment of old George we spent a few minutes looking at the grave of the famous ‘GreyFriar’s Bobby’ the faithful dog that slept on his dead masters grave for 14yrs. 

There were fresh flowers lying, and sticks left for the little dog. Shame he couldn’t be buried with his owner, after guarding him for all those years…sad.

I think we will go back to the kirkyard soon…just to piss off old Georgie.


2 thoughts on “Day Oot..

  1. Another lovely read with some interesting pics as well. That’s an awesome name Elidah to go with your awesome daughter. Also appears to have a healthy interest in he the supernatural as well. I must make a visit to Kirkyard when I’m next in Edinburgh, if I ever get out of the Malt Whisky shops.

    I like the doggy story reminded me of this story about Striding Edge/Helvellyn “An early casualty of the mountain was the artist Charles Gough, who slipped and fell from Striding Edge in April 1805. Three months later a shepherd heard a dog barking near Red Tarn and went to investigate. He found Gough’s skeleton, his hat split in two, and his dog still in attendance. Initial newspaper reports that the dog had survived by eating the remains of her dead master were quickly forgotten.”

    I was convinces the ghost of Charles Gough stopped and talked to me and a friend when we were walking on Striding Edge – very spooky.

    Walking is good for you and especially the hills, I’m sure there are lots of places to explore and maybe local walking groups to join?

    Most of all have fun day’s out even if you don’t pull.

    Mike x

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    1. Aww thanks she is awesome. Her name is Celtic and pronounced ‘Aylee’
      That’s a cool story about the dog. This is why I prefer animals to humans! So loving and loyal.
      There are loads of places to explore here, but I’ll stick to fab days out with my daughter 😊
      Thanks again for reading.


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