Past relationships..

After reading another blogger and Tweeter’s post the other day got me thinking about my relationship history, or lack there of.

Al wrote about past ‘worst dates’ I can honestly say I’ve had none. No ‘worst dates’ of any kind.

When I was at school, I was painfully shy around boys that I fancied. Being mates with boys was easier than being friends with the girls, but if I ever got that funny feeling in my tummy over one, then, that was it…bright red face, sweaty palms, looking down at the floor stupidness.

That carried on till I was 19…yes, I was a virgin till then, I hadn’t even kissed a guy properly either, so shy was I.

Oh of course I had seen fellas that I liked from afar, but never did anything about it. Came close once with my now Sister-in-laws cousin. I really fancied him, he liked me too, but his attention kept being diverted by his then ex girlfriend and quite frankly, I didn’t want to fight for his attention. So it went nowhere….still see him occasionally and quite frankly, I dodged a bullet there! 

When I was 18 I started working in a bingo hall, yes I know, a bingo hall…but, it was a brilliant job, it helped me come out of my shell, and I made loads of friends and my social life was great 

There I met a bloke called Wayne. He was funny, had amazing eyes and I fell for him…we went out a few times in a group, we flirted, he made me feel special, I thought that maybe, I had finally met someone I could progress with. That was until his girlfriend popped into work one day to drop something off for him, oh and she had their daughter with her…funny, he never mentioned either of them to me before. 

He left work not long after that. 

I also left the bingo not long after, fancied a change, went to work in a clothing shop…lasted 3 months, bloody hated it, so went back to the bingo as they wanted me back. 

Walked in on my first day back and there was Phil, my now ex-husband, serving in the canteen. 

Now, Phil, to this day, maintains that I fancied him straight away, but, that isn’t the case, at all. I thought he was a nice bloke, funny, good looking, but I had been messed about by bingo men before! 

We found out we only lived 5 minutes away from each other, so we quickly fell into travelling to and from work together.

I don’t know what it was about Phil…but, I trusted him. We were friends first and foremost, but my feelings began to change for him, and his for me.

Neither of us asked each other out, we kinda just fell into it, it felt natural to be with him and I felt complete. 

20 years later we are no longer together, as you all know, after reading past posts, but we are still friends, and that will never change. 

Phil has been part of my life for half of it, and although we no longer love eachother in that way, I can’t ever imagine him not being in my life. 

I hope any future partners will understand that. 

So that’s it, my relationship history. Only slept with one man my entire life, not sure what people think of me for that, but…can’t change it. 


6 thoughts on “Past relationships..

  1. Always enjoy reading your blogs. Took time out of my London trip for coffee and cake and a good read. I think if everyone was truthful there would be a lot more stories like yours. And no one is defined as a person by how many people they have slept with. Well not in my book anyway. Cheers Anj.

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  2. There’s a lot more people out there in exactly the same position, but don’t have the courage to say so, in case they don’t fit into the norm of people’s expectations. ‘What, you only had ONE – I’ve had loads!!’ before strutting round, wearing it like a badge of honour. I’m not saying either is wrong, people just need to accept that everyone is different and life doesn’t always go the same direction, instead of using it to form an opinion. As has already been said, it’s the person you are that matters.

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    1. Thank you, for reading and commenting. Always nice to hear people’s views. I know what kind of person I am inside and it’s always takes me by surprise that others can see it too 😊

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