Unsolicited Dick Pic…

So, last night some random guy, that I’d never spoken to sent me a DM on Twitter. It was a photo of a Skyline with the message ‘thanks’ attached to it. Bemused I replied asking what I had done to deserve such thanks, he said ‘for the follow’ well this confused me even more as I didn’t recognise him at all. 

I clicked on his profile to double check, he followed me, but I hadn’t reciprocated. His account was quite large, had well over two thousand followers and I also noticed he lived in Scotland. 

I went back to my dm and told him I didn’t follow, thought that would be the end of it. 

He messaged again and said ‘that’s a shame, maybe now I would follow or would I need ‘bribed’ Well, I don’t like random people telling me what to do, so I ignored him 

My Dm pinged again, and low and behold he had sent me a picture of his cock, an arty angle so it got his face in the photo too. 

Well, to say I was a bit pissed off was an understatement! It wasn’t even a very nice cock and he certainly needed a trip to the barbers down there.

I said to him  ‘Dude! Why the actual fuck are you sending me that! What gives you the right to send me shit like that! I have taken a screenshot and will post on my TL if you don’t back the fuck away from me’ 

I think he panicked. I could hear his sphincter contract. He replied saying ‘ It wasn’t meant for you’ 

Well I decided this guy was a chancing Bell end, so I named and shamed him on my TL. People, not just men, shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this. If he wacked his junk out in the street, flashed someone, that is an arrestable offence, but on Twitter they seem to be able to do as they please. Women are the same, dm their tits or lady garden as soon as a bloke gives them a bit of attention, it’s pathetic  

When I was 13, my friend and I were flashed at whilst walking home from school. He did it to a few girls that day and the Police caught and arrested him. 

This isn’t any different. 

Anyway, when he saw my tweet, he dm’d telling me to remove it. I ignored, reported and blocked him.

He then deleted his account, but, I’m sure he’ll be back. 

I am no prude, if you want to share intimate photos of yourself with a consensual person, that is fine, but don’t think it’s ok to just send them because you ‘fancy’ someone or you think ‘they’ll be up for it’ because 9/10 they won’t be. 

I still have the screenshot just incase he comes back and gives me grief.

So be warned men of Twitter, if I haven’t asked to see your appendage and you send it anyway, be prepared to have it posted, for all to see on my TL.


4 thoughts on “Unsolicited Dick Pic…

  1. Never understood people that do this, and it should be just as punishable as flashing somebody in my book. There isn’t a need for it, and I don’t understand people sending nudes either.

    It could be too easily distributed in the wrong hands for revenge purposes and can be rather ruinous to someone’s reputation. Lastly, if I was single, hooked up with someone and they done things like that I’d automatically have a dim view of them and show them where to go. Because, if they were that willing to do that, how willing could they be to do the same with others? In other words I’d think they were a bit of a slag.

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    1. Totally agree with you. Some have thought I have overreacted about this, made silly jokes about it etc. When did it become to norm to receive stuff like this on social media? Women have also said, ‘oh is that the first one you’ve had’ as if this is a regular and expected thing! Not having it, not being treated like that…they have been warned.
      Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

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  2. Well dealt with Anj. I just cannot understand the mindset of people like this. It just seems like low intelligence, lack of respect and downright criminal activity. These people are just flashers who have found a convenient outlet on Twitter. I’m old fashioned and tweet like would behave in real life anything I say or pictures are there for all to see. Sometimes find it difficult to cope with the terseness of twitter and find the time to follow all the conversations. I like kind words and support for people I find interesting and honest, and I’m not afraid to say that. Keep up the good work with your blog and those amazing photos of Marilyn – sometime it just makes my day and lifts me out of my pit.

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