So, I write this after having been rejected for a job, yet again

Wasn’t even given an interview, AGAIN.

This job was well within my capabilites, I had confidence in my ability to do this job, I knew I could do it, but again…with the press of a button I was once again put into the reject pile.

People who have been in this situation will understand how I am feeling right now…

What’s the point? Will I ever be good enough? What more can I do to stand out to potential employers? How many more times will I be rejected? Why me? 


I joked on Twitter about becoming a prostitute, because, when something like this happens I make light of it, take the piss out of myself..when in actual fact I feel like crying, screaming even.

I just feel so frustrated, angry and upset..

If they had given me an interview, then decided I wasn’t right for the job, I could handle that better. At least they had actually spoken to me, asked me questions, given me an opportunity to sell myself. 

But this faceless rejection is just soul destroying. 

Rejection seems to be my middle name at the moment.

And quite frankly I’ve had enough.


5 thoughts on “Rejection..

    1. I always move on, have no other choice. It kinda wears you down after a while though – two years of it. I’m sure even the strongest of people would have day’s where they feel like this.
      You start questioning your worth I guess. I’ll be ok tomorrow, just needed to get it off my chest.


  1. The interview technique has changed beyond all recognition since the internet evolved. The last three I applied for included a 45 question aptitude test, a Skype interview (incredibly uncomfortable) and being told, in a very short e-mail that I had been beaten to it by someone with more experience – having done my role for 25 years, you can appreciate how sceptical I was about this. The days of face-to-face discussion seem to be over. No getting a feel of the person, no body language, no chance to express enthusiasm or interest. Just the same question rephrased three times about whether you’d help someone in another department if they were busy and you weren’t. I hate it and can fully understand your frustration. Best thing is get your head down and keep punching. You’ll get there in the end.

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    1. Yeah, it’s completely shit, and today, I’d just had enough. It’s all very well brushing myself off and looking to the next one, but when you are being rejected over and over, this process becomes harder and harder.
      I just feel myself getting chipped at bit by bit.


  2. I do feel for you Anj, and yes all I can say is keep your chin up and keep trying. I went 12 years looking for a job, but from the easier springboard of already being employed. I work in IT where technology moves quickly and found myself stuck in a company using old and obsolete systems with no plans or money for changing. I stopped counting how may rejections I had, must have been over 100. That really does dent you, especially when you know that you can do the work. In the end fate came to my rescue and I was made redundant, not wanting to do nothing I started working in a filling station at nights and used the time to study and re-skill myself. I also undertook some private contract work, the pay was crap and on some contracts I actually lost money. Eventually I landed a decent post in a hi-tec company which came via an old work colleague who I had kept in touch with. OK not much help I know and it must be infuriating just having keep your chin up type comments – I know I’ve been there. Sorry that’s all I can say.

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