I care too much….

I do, I really do and I think that’s starting to become a problem for me. 

I have so much going on in my own life and head, yet I take other people’s worries and concerns on my shoulders too. Not any old people, people I care about; family, friends, people I have met and speak to on a regular basis on Twitter. I want to help them if I can, would go out of my way to do something, anything that would help, or make a difference to them. 

That’s just me. 

But I think in doing so, throughout my life, I have been used, treated like crap and tossed aside without a second thought – and that hurts. 

My Sis-in-Law warned me, before starting my course, after having told her it was open to women with all different kinds of issues- alcohol and substance abuse being two, that I wasn’t to go there and try and ‘fix’ anyone. 

She has known me since I was 17, she knows what I’m like – I want to help people. But she also knows what doing that over the years has done to my self esteem- she’s just trying to protect me, and I love her for that, but, I am what I am.

So, if you ever find yourself in a position where you need a shoulder, an ear or just to have your mind taken off something, and I offer, it comes from a place deep down inside me, it’s because I care about you and I just want to be there if you need someone.

I do however, think I just need to think more before I offer, as sometimes, it’s just not appreciated and I end up feeling hurt and rejected.

All for caring just a bit too much….


6 thoughts on “I care too much….

  1. They are lovely sentiments Anj. There is just something that comes over in all your posts and blogs that puts you down as one of life’s lovely people. It makes me want to to give you a big friendly hug, that all.


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