I talk about Twitter a lot, I know this..but it’s because it is actually a big part of my life. Some people may think that’s extremely sad, pathetic even, but I don’t care what those people think…not anymore. 

I have fallen out with, had arguments and disagreements with, unfollowed and blocked loads of people over the 8yrs I’ve been a Twitter user. It happens…you’re not going to get on with everyone – just like in real life. 

Some people take being unfollowed or blocked to heart, I admit I used to be like that…not anymore. It is what it is. I will block only when I feel it is necessary – dick pic’s in my dm’s, persistent dming when asked not to and bullying being three main reasons.I unfollow if people don’t interact; this is a big issue for me. Why be on social media if you’re not going to talk, acknowledge or even tweet your own words (constant RT’s). I also unfollow people that post selfies all the time – why do it?! The odd one here and there, fine…but every bloody day? No need. Or photos of you in the bath, lying on your bed, pouting like a duck…No. Need.

Anyway, I am digressing, the actual point to this post is the lies and Chinese Whispers that frequent Twitter.It’s always going to happen, I can’t stop them, but they frustrate me so much. 

I know there are a lot of untruths floating round the Twittersphere about me, and many of you would say ‘Who cares what people have heard about you, or think about you, you know the truth, that’s all that matters’ That’s all very well and good, but when you follow someone new for example, and they seem reluctant to talk, my mind goes into overdrive and the paranoia sets in. 

“Who’s said something to them?” “What have they heard?”

I think many friendships haven’t evolved because of this, and it’s that, that pisses me off.

So, what I am trying to say is, ask me. 

If you’ve heard a juicy tale about me and you want to know if it’s true…ask me. 

If you’ve heard I’ve done this, that and the other to Tom, Dick and Harry…ask me.

If I’ve blocked someone and you want to know why..just ask me. 

I am an open, honest person, and I’d like to think, approachable. I have nothing to hide, nothing. 


8 thoughts on “Lies…

  1. I’m surprised at this, as I’ve never read a single thing about you. I hate shit like that – rumours, gossip and slander. I’d be unfollowing if I saw anyone doing that to you or anyone else I followed.

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  2. Hi Anj, you do seem to have some people who have caused you some grief. I’ve not heard anything about you from any third part, other than what I can see on your public TL. In the main these seem to be favourable comments, support and advice especially from your #1 Angel Gisy. I have remarked about how open and honest you are from your blogs and that goes for your tweets as well. Hopefully I will not fall foul of any of your rules, I enjoy reading your blogs and posts and hope to continue as time permits. I may comment as and when I think it’s appropriate and always with appropriate and relevant words and maybe a pic. I’m not a great tweeter, still feeling my way around the labyrinth. Whatever happens I will always be supportive and try to offer advice and be non judgemental. That’s me. Mike


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