Done….or am I?

So today I came very close to shutting both my Twitter account and this blog all because of some faceless, immature people. 

Nothing more than bullies really but Twitter is rife with them. 

It seemed to come from all sides…firstly a man commented on my last blog post, having a dig about me ‘taking Twitter too seriously’ and for blocking someone for just having a different opinon to mine. I don’t know who this man was, I’d obviously had a disagreement with him on Twitter that led to me blocking him. 

Should feel grateful that I made such an impression on him, that he sort me out to air his grievance. 

Then I was informed that an old Twitter acquaintance, who I had blocked the day before for reasons he wouldn’t be happy about me making public, had taken a screen shot of my profile with the message informing him he was blocked from viewing, and posted it on his TL for all his followers to see, some of which, follow me too.

The height of maturity…. He’s an intelligent man aswell, which makes it all the more sadder.

Then, I was informed again ( Twitter is a very small place) that the lovely woman that has a vendetta against me has been slagging me and my blog off on her TL…

That’s entirely her prerogative as it’s her TL and she can say what she likes, it’s just becoming very boring, repetitive and again, immature. 

Anyway, all this coming at me in the space of a few hours took it’s toll and I really just wanted to jack it all in. Let’s face it, there’s only so much one person can take, and I am pretty thin skinned about stuff like this.

When I woke up this morning I was in the mindset to go – I felt that Twitter wasn’t the best place for someone like me. I put out a tweet to inform people I was thinking about going…I needed more time to think.

Well, all I will say is that I was overwhelmed by the amount of messages I received asking me to stay, to ignore the haters.

These people made me remember why I joined Twitter in the first place and reinforced my belief in folk. 

So, to each and everyone of you that went out of your way today to contact me, and you know who you are, from the bottom of my heart, thank you ❤

And to those of you that don’t like me, that would like to see me leave Twitter, who want to try and wear me down….🖕



One thought on “Done….or am I?

  1. Started to read this and was … well sad really because I for one enjoy reading your blogs and tweets and would not like to see you go. Thankfully you ended with NOT GOING ANYWHERE. I’m not sure what advice I can offer apart from ignoring ignorant people. Life is full of problems just getting through your own day by yourself without anyone deliberately trying to make it worse. Good on you Anj, keep up the blogging. Mike X

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