Unrequited Love…

Is a bitch isn’t it? I’m sure all of us, sometime in our lives have had feelings for someone that just don’t feel that way back. Maybe they are married, have a partner, gay, too young or too old, or are single but just don’t fancy you, whatever the reason, it sucks big style.

I’m dealing with this at the moment…I wouldn’t say I love him, because I don’t know him deeply enough for that, but I definitely care about him and his life. Want the best for him and ultimately want him to be happy…just wish I could be part of that happiness, but I know that is never likely to happen. 

Jealousy is a very ugly trait, but a very common one, and again, everyone has felt that horrible feeling, bubbling up in the pit of their stomach at some time in their life, and I have felt it a lot recently.

It could be spurred on by anything; a reference, photo or comment, but when jealousy rears it’s ugly head, it is really hard to ignore.

 I keep thinking ‘why can’t it be me’ that annoying, tormenting voice in my head won’t shut up at times, and it’s all I think about, then, other days I hardly think about it at all…till I see something, then it starts again. 

I know, in time, I’ll get over him and move on, but now is just not that time, it is what it is, but I’ll get there in the end, I always do. 


2 thoughts on “Unrequited Love…

  1. When I see you’ve written another blog, I think oh good I’m in for another interesting read. Very short this time, but again laying your soul bare for all to see, honest and interesting. I like to find similarities between my own experiences, I think because I’m a “bloke” I find it hard to admit or verbalise my feelings like you, but your blogs definitely help me to do that.
    Luckily I’ve not really got an unrequited love “thing”, I’ve always lived a well if I like someone friends is OK for starters and you never know what may happen, but OK if not. I’m talking about non online stuff here, basically I’m not online looking for relationships, just good friends to chat occasionally.
    Let me tell you my favourite story, I was madly in love with this young lady once, we shared a lot in common and we became good friends. I thought that taking her out and buying her lots of drinks near where I lived , ensuring she could not easily get home and thinking well she will have to stay at mine. Well it happened and we finished up in the same bed together, unfortunately the lot of drinks had got the better of me and as soon as my head touched the pillow my head started spinning. She was so understanding and explained that nothing would happen anyway as she was a lesbian. Like you’re a great guy but … I immediately knew who her partner was and said something like that’s great, still friends? And yes we stayed friends for ages until I moved. Not seen her for ages and doubt I ever will do, but still a little flame inside but it does not hurt. Oh that was a lot of? Well make your own mind up. Keep up the blogging, I love it. Mike


    1. Thanks Mike. I try not to make my posts too long, I feel if they drag on, people will get bored halfway through and stop reading!
      Thanks for reading amd commenting, appreciated as always 😊

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