No Strings?

I have been offered some no strings sex. 

Now, some of you may not think this is a big deal, people go out and shack up with folk on a regular basis. Some people have ‘fuck buddies’; ring them up, ask if they’re up for it, and away they go. 

For others, a one night stand is a way of life, don’t form attachments; easier that way.

This has never been the case for me. Having only slept with one man my entire life, I associate sex with feelings; love.

The thought of sharing myself intimately with someone I barley know, brings out all kinds of anxiety and issues with me, let alone the whole ‘feelings’ thing. 

So, after talking to a male friend, he offered me some; no strings sex, a one off, no attachment formed union. 

He knows how I feel about sex, he also knows I have major hang ups about my body, that I have no confidence and am literally petrified about having sex with anyone, let alone him. But, he understands, he is my friend first and foremost and I trust him. Yet, I’m still scared. The offer is on the table, no strings, no pressure, I just need to think hard and decide whether this is the best way to get over these hang ups I have.

I feel, if I don’t do anything, just sit back and wait, then I’ll be waiting a long time, and life will be continually passing me by.

So, maybe this is the answer?


24 thoughts on “No Strings?

  1. An interesting conundrum to ponder. As always I’m hugely impressed by the way you can lay your life and thoughts out. I’m entirely the wrong person to offer any advice on such a subject, as my own personal quests of a similar nature have always ended in failure and disappointment. I suspect there is no correct or simple answer to this. Maybe overthinking this is the worst way, as the previous reply said I would say go with your gut feel. Don’t forget “no strings” rarely means that and you need to believe that there are no strings from your side, and that you can walk away at any time. I will add Master of Bad advice to my CV. Whichever way my best wishes and good luck to you Anj.

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    1. Thank you Mike. Overthinking is my middle name! I genuinely believe this is completely ‘no strings’ on both sides. So, we will see. Thanks, as ever for reading and commenting.


  2. This is a a very strange and difficult decision to make. It’s not something I could do with a close friend, as it undoubtedly will change your friendship, no matter how much you think it won’t. It may be for the better, it may be for the worse but it is a BIG risk.

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      1. Well, your gut instinct is so far on the basis of this post getting in the way of your judgement. Otherwise, you’d have gone right ahead.

        Then again, you were only married to one person in your life and it could be perfectly natural fear of the unknown. I guess this may be one of those things you’ll just have to get out of your system and “do”.

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    1. It would only a one time thing. Kinda like the appeal of getting my ‘rocks off’ when I haven’t had sex in 2yrs. But, can totally see your point. So, I’m still on the fence about it.


  3. You’re an absolutely gorgeous woman, who shouldn’t need to just have sex as a one off. There’s someone out there who you would feel comfortable doing it with, and not have to question if you should or not. You will find happiness again, you’re funny and gorgeous there’s someone out there for everyone x

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      1. Good to know 🙂 like I said you’ll find someone some day, and you’ll think back to this and ‘laugh’

        I follow you on twitter too, that’s how I know you’re funny 😋 x

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